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With Diwala, you can have an easy and secure way to detect invalid certificates, safely knowing the information comes directly from the institution.
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As recruiters, we are continuously affected by the extensive turn around time for verification of candidates' credentials. Many of us have to physically visit multiple institutions, which tends to be quite lengthy, affecting the selected candidate's offer timeframe and notice period.

I am so happy to say that with the credentialing platform Diwala, candidate verification turn around time has been shortened from months to just a matter of seconds!
Shamim Nabaggala Walusimbi Nsubuga
Vice President - Human Resource Managers´ Association of Uganda
To the SMEs in Uganda, this technology will allow agility, trust, scale and much more, contribute to saving the environment.

It is our continued hope that these digital certificates will be adopted by many more certificate issuing entities in the country for a better future.
Joel Bamwise
Programmes Manager, Stanbic Business Incubator
The biggest advantage of using Diwala, is that the digital credentials cannot be tampered with. 

Our clients are banks and large public organisations like police e.t.c, and we simply cannot risk having our information changed or altered.
Emmanuel Chagara
Director of Milima Cyber Academy
We are in a battle to end invalid academic credentialing and enable easy verification processes.

We are pleased to work with Diwala to implement the system which enhances verification and authentication processes of both local and foreign students’ academic documents.
Orban Martin Luther
Program Technical Lead, Refactory

How it works

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Verify the authenticity of the certificate

Download a verified copy for your records.

We are also developing the platform with local employers and recruiters

We are proud to be working with the Decentralised Identity Foundation to create standards in new technology
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