Diwala is a digital platform that enables secure and efficient issuance and verification of individuals’ credentials, by giving them a digital skill identity. Any digital proof issued through the Diwala platform can easily be accessed, shared and verified online. Our mission is to build an ecosystem of digital inclusivity by enabling easy issuance and verification of credentials. To enable access, build trust, and optimize how we work. 

We are a fully remote, diverse, and skilled team, with members from Uganda, Kenya Nigeria, Norway, Trinidad, Sri Lanka, and India, 7 nationalities altogether. We take care of our people and culture, supporting growth and learning.

We built a business foundation from values. Our Team Culture values focus on Freedom, Critical Decision Making, Accountability, Integrity, Curiosity, being Humble and Active listeners, working with resourcefulness, compassion, and grit for the cause. When we develop products, we build with a high ethical compass focused on human-centered technology. We research, access and execute in speed and build from integrity, passion and insight.

Diwala was created at a UN Woman/ Consensus hackathon in 2017. Over the last 3 years, we have built and implemented our platform in Uganda with local actors, people and partners. We are scaling rapidly, and are now present in 6 African countries.

To read more about how Diwala came to be, check out The Story of Diwala.

Meet the team

CEO & Co-founder

Thea Sommerseth Myhren

CTO & Co-Founder

Snorre Lothar von Gohren Edwin

Co-Founder & Chief Communications Officer

Marina Sellstad

Business Growth Advisor

Irene Mutuzo

Senior Developer

Malith Wijenayake

Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

Graeme Ampeire

UX Designer

Mary Godservant

Software Developer

Sanuja Wickramarathne

Software Developer

Roy Kathurima

Software Developer

Akila Dananjaya

UX Designer

Seitu Joseph

Head of Business Development West Africa

Ugochukwu Ike Okoli