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Spinning Paper Into Digital Gold

December 24, 2022

The digital economy excludes over half of the world’s population. Connecting the rest of the world is a $ 6.7 trillion opportunity to the economy. But how? We need to ensure that we have the freedom to share verifiable information with ease, without compromising data integrity.

The Diwala platform makes it convenient, easy to control, and hassle-free for users to hold, verify and issue any digital credential in the world. We are building an ecosystem that ensures that data can move freely, from anyone to anywhere, with the power of SSI and blockchain technology.

We have migrated to Diwala 3.0

At Diwala, we believe in building from insights, from the people and market that will be using our system. Our process ensures that we test, iterate and improve our user experience and security concerning how you share your data. This is why we have upgraded to a brand new digital wallet that enables you to access and share your credentials in an even more secure and flexible way.

Today, you can access your wallet from any device, using your favourite browser. This means you no longer have to download and log into the Diwala Mobile app to access your credentials!

Features for verifiers are here

We believe in building a credential service that not only gives value to one user group, but to the whole ecosystem of credential users. Institutions and organisations need a way to issue secure and digitally verifiable credentials, people and companies need a more flexible and easy way to receive and share, while verifiers need a cheaper and more trustworthy way to verify credentials.

We have spent the last 4 years researching, interviewing, testing and building the Diwala 3.0 platform with over 100 employers in Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria, to gain in-depth understanding of the verification needs for employers, recruiters, banks, e-commerce, telecom, logistics, and government bodies in East and West Africa. No small task.

Our goal is to remove any data friction, creating a completely automated and seamless experience.

From releasing our Diwala 1.0 Issuer platform in 2019, and our Skill Identity app shortly after, we have gained an immense amount of learnings and user feedback that we have put to good use in the improved Diwala 3.0 version.We have found unique insights for customer onboarding and we therefore, have a clear picture of the challenges at hand, our vision for Diwala and the future of credentialing.

27 Companies have signed up to use Diwala 3.0 for verification

We currently have 69 organizations issuing credentials across 10 African countries with a 67% customer growth this year and 3,850,000 credentials in the pipeline.

Since releasing the Diwala 3.0 Wallet for Holder & Verifiers we have had 27 companies sign up to use Diwala 3.0 for verification. 

We asked our users and clients to rate the Diwala 1.0 platform and application, and was happy to see that we have managed to increase the average rating both for administrators and trainees since November last year. 

We earned $10 000 at JFF Plugfest

We believe it's essential that the web 3.0 ecosystem collaborates to create new win-win business models, ensuring that we leave the data silos and control of data behind. 

To ensure that we meet the open ID and interoperability standards across the international SSI community, we participated in the JFF plugfest that earned us a $10,000 contract.

We got together with a total of 50 organizations to find interoperability across the SSI identity space. Making sure data can move fluently in benefit of the user. The project had us fine tune our new existing infrastructure and implement a second data exchange protocol which was great for learning and for future clients.

The outcome for Diwala was interoperability with 7 organizations as there were some specific crypto-graphical choices and protocol choices that were made to make the interoperability possible in the timeframe given. In total it was about 30 organizations interoperating with each other on the specific protocols.

Check out this video to see a live demonstration of the work our CTO Snorre Lothar von Gohren Edwin did.

Highlights of 2022

1. In July, we collected key members of the business and product team in Uganda. As a remote first company it was amazing to spend some time bonding as a team while conducting workshops to optimize our collaboration processes.

2. In September, 5 of our team members were able to strengthen the forces. while attending the SPE conference in Nigeria.

3. Congratulations to our CTO Snorre Lothar von Gohren Edwin, who has been awarded one of the top 10 Technologists in Norway by E24.no 🎉 

4. We have ensured to drive knowledge and awareness about our work and technology, by attending key events in East and West Africa.

The digitalization and fintech boom across the African continent creates strong market needs for improved data security & interoperability. It is key to note that Africa is the only continent to still show positive +27% YoY investment growth.

The credentials’ market is vast and we have locked in the opportunity to expand in a diversity of sectors.

We are so excited about our expansion in 2023, so stay tuned for our January update.

Ceo Reflections - Thea Sommerseth Myhren

What a year 2022 has been. We’ve had an amazing 67% customer growth with 69 organizations onboarded. Our platform is used in over 10 African countries with a 22% growth in revenue. 

We have secured key partnerships for scale and have a massive 3 850 000 credentials to issue out to holders from onboarded platform customers. We are excited to push our service for data integrity and interoperability out in the market. 

2022 has been a year where we have seen and felt the effect of the pandemic, political conflict, elections, inflation, and investment failures. Deeply challenging realities affecting not just the market, but us as people. Our day-to-day lives. In times like these, where it's essential to adapt and stretch, I find energy and strength in reflection. To center my mind back to why I have chosen to do what I do.

Self-reflection is also a driving force of Diwala culture: to bring diverse perspectives and compassion to our differences. So let me share a perspective on why Diwala is needed. 

In 2015 I started diving into digital rights, researching Biotechnology companies and their privacy and security ethics as one of my deliverables. At the same time, I got some devastating news, my father, a recent cancer survivor, was told that he was no longer eligible for health and life insurance.

I sat there in both awe and horror, realizing that if companies can map, own, and control any piece of data about us, down to DNA, they can also analyze and sell it to whoever wants to know if you are eligible for that job, or a loan, or that health insurance. They can predict the likelihood of diseases, like the probability of cancer or heart conditions, and change your terms based on the data they have. All without you knowing. Digital ethics is the cornerstone of our human rights in the digital age. I saw a need for transparency, a need for foundational data integrity standards ensuring that history can’t repeat itself.

As organizations, we use information to learn and build from insight. It enables us to create the best service and provide new services, which grows economic value. But as a consumer, you should be able to control what information a company has about you. It should not just be a one-way service.

Digital ethics is the core heart of why we in Diwala do what we do. We ensure that information is secure, tamper-proof, and quickly verifiable. With SSI we improve control and seamless information access for all. 

  1. Making any piece of information boundary-less and timeless. Essentially: we digitize your information and give it superman wings and youth elixir.
  2. We do this to ensure we move fast forward in a market where paper problems aren’t just annoying but essential to solving and with immense economic opportunity. 

This is our why: We do this because everyone deserves to have access to their information. We do it because it's key to digital and financial inclusion. We do it because it is key to improving quality of life, access to essential services, and building economic opportunities.

We live local but think global, and are determined to leapfrog the access to cutting-edge credential infrastructure. Taking care of people's rights and spinning paper into digital gold.

Merry Christmas to you all. We wish you an amazing holiday season and the absolute best for 2023 ✨