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✅ Verified Success: Harnessing the Potential of Digital Credentials in the Workplace

Co-Founder & CCO Marina Sellstad
August 3, 2023

Are you tired of spending lots of time and money on verifying potential employees’ Job References and other information when hiring?

Then we invite you to join Diwala and BrighteMonday´s ongoing pilot, and take part in the exciting work we do at Diwala, where you can verify a person’s information in a matter of seconds. 

Say goodbye to making hundreds of phone calls, writing endless emails, and waiting months for a verification!

In case you missed out on our latest webinar, where we showcase the Diwala platform's capabilities as well as interesting research we have done, check it out here ​

Digital credentialing and verification of credentials are the future of recruitment. Stand out from the crowd, and take part in shaping that future, by joining in on the development of the latest exciting credential with the Diwala platform! 

The platform already issues documents in partnership with the Uganda Law Society, National Social Security Fund (NSSF),  Human Resource Manager´s Association (HRMAU), Stanbic Business Incubator in Uganda, and more.

Join the revolution today, by registering your slot!

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About the Diwala platform:

The platform is a user-friendly tool that will help you save both time and money on the issuance and verification of information. Try it out today here.

About the Diwala x BMUG partnership:

Diwala and BrighterMonday are working to digitise the verification of employment history. We would love to have you take part in this development, by having your insights on the development of the latest exciting credential with the Diwala platform.