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Africa Blockchain Conference, Uganda 2018

June 14, 2018

A few weeks ago we travelled to Uganda for our second trip, where the focus was The Africa Blockchain Conference 2018. On May 23–24, the president, ministers and leaders in policy, business and academia from around the world came together in Kampala for Africa’s largest blockchain conference. With support from the Government of Uganda, the Africa Blockchain Conference concentrated on “the role of blockchain technology in Africa’s transformation.”

Africa Is Ready For Blockchain

The conference focused on learning & collaboration across sectors to carve out implementation strategies for Uganda. Especially on how we can build a new kind of trust with this technology as a foundation between government and private sector. An essential need, in the country and for the continent.

It was brilliant to see the president, government and global industry leaders from the private and public sector discussing how we can push action and knowledge on blockchain forward! Action steps was made and put upfront at the end of Day 2. An example is how The Uganda government spearheaded by the Ministry of ICT has moved to constitute a “National Blockchain Taskforce” to come up with a policy to streamline use of blockchain in Uganda. Other actions where:

  1. Educate and develop blockchain developers in Uganda
  2. A sandbox to focus on proof of concepts

We were also very exited about our second meeting with the chairman of the Uganda blockchain organisation and Africa blockchain conference, Kwame Rugunda. Seeing how focused Kwame and his team are on action to push blockchain forward, is both motivating and inspiring!⛓✨

Panel discussion about SDG`s and female empowerment

The panel discussion was set to be open and informal, lead by the audiences questions, so we had a very diverse range of topics. From actual use cases of blockchain technology within the humanitarian world, to people wanting to know the best way to learn about the technology. Supply chain and not taking advantage of cheap product sales from rural areas, was a topic of interest & concern. We where privileged to sit with such a great panel and wish we had more time to go in depth.

Thank you to The Blockchain Association of Uganda, for an amazing and important event!

We will be back next year.