We are looking for UX Designers with a technical flair. Someone with deep knowledge of inclusive interaction design, and a great understanding of how data can be showcased. We need you who are communicative and hands on in product development, with a laser focus on users and scalability.

UX Designer
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What is Diwala?

Diwala is a digital credentialing and verification platform that, through leveraging blockchain technology, enables any organisation to safely issue digital certificates or credentials that’s quick and easy to verify. Any digital proof issued through the Diwala platform can easily be accessed online anywhere at any time by the recipients, whether or not they have smartphones. Anyone who could be an employer or investor can verify the validity of the information shared in these credentials digitally in seconds.

Diwala is not only a more eco-friendly, resource friendly and time-efficient solution for certification & verification purposes, but aim’s to give people control of their own information in a much more secure, accessible and flexible way. Our vision is a world that enables humans and companies to securely connect and showcase their proofs and achievements digitally with each other.By building an ecosystem of trusted Skill identities, and enabling organisations to safely issue and verify credentials, we challenge the global problem of slow and invalid credentialing, and empower more opportunities for everyone.

Utilising blockchain technology, Diwala issued the first set of skill-identities to students and administrators in Uganda in December 2018. These are the first ever digitally verified certificates backed by decentralised identity and blockchain on the African continent. We are continuously working to build inclusive and human centered technology with our partners. Diwala will not only provide a tool for issuance and verification of any proof or document needed but will also play an integral part in building an ecosystem that will in return revolutionise and redefine how we do verification in the 21st Century.

Your main responsibilities as a UX designer in Diwala

  • Deliver wireframes, testable prototypes and polished visual UI designs
  • Facilitate internal brainstorming, ideation and workshop sessions
  • Partner closely with business and development team to establish and execute objectives and key results
  • User test the features you have built with Diwala's users and development partners
  • Follow, optimize and keep our style guide & component library up to date
  • Provide thoughtful feedback and documentation to the team
  • Use digital collaboration tools like Figma, Miro and Trello

We need you who

  • Are communicative and hands on in product development
  • Are able to own the responsibility of producing consistent, qualitative designs in a time-efficient manner
  • Have deep knowledge of good user experience, IA, Interaction and UX design
  • Great understanding of how to showcase data
  • Ability to work autonomously in a fast-paced startup environment
  • Have a basic understanding of application development (including languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.) 
  • Able to build lasting relationships across the organisation

‍How you will work

Diwala is a fully remote tech company and we work from wherever we want. A lot of companies are now opening their eyes for remote working and although it is not for everyone, it suits us perfectly. Our main offices is currently in Kampala, Uganda. Most of our meetings happen digitally, and we currently have people working in Norway, Ireland, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nigeria and India. We welcome applicants from all over the world. However, having our focus on implementing the platform and application in Uganda, and neighbouring East African Countries, it is preferred that you are placed in this area in order to understand the challenges we address.

Being a remote/distributed company means we need to stay innovative in gathering user insights, despite not always being able to meet physically. We hold digital workshops and find smart solutions for insight and understanding, to build the best product we can! Don’t worry - we make sure to get to know each other and have a coffee-chat from a distance ☕️ As a team we have a lot of vision and strategy, and we want you who are eager to contribute with your ideas and perspective.

We are a very passionate team, who like to discuss and brainstorm. We work with speed and drive, but we never forget to check in with our users and make sure we are building the right thing, and building it right.

We are looking for talents with ambitions and passion for what they are doing. We need you who are on point and serious about building a career with Diwala.

Please add your resume, portfolio of relevant projects and 3 most recent references in the application form. Looking forward to hearing from you!