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Diwala is looking for talented interns in marketing, design and sales, who are passionate about digital solutions with global impact. Diwala is a 2 year old startup building an ecosystem of trust by issuing skill identities to youth and displaced communities. By enabling organisations to safely issue and verify credentials, we challenge the global problem of slow and invalid credentialing, enabling more global opportunities for youth. Since its inception, Diwala has been dedicated to empowering people. Utilising blockchain technology, Diwala issued the first set of skill-identities to students and administrators in Uganda in December 2018. These are the first ever digitally verified certificates backed by decentralised identity and blockchain in Africa.

What you will work on:
You will be a part of the development and marketing the Diwala platform and application, focusing on certifying people’s skills. The platform gives educational organisations and NGOs a way to provide valid digital-proof digital certificates to their students. The platform allows job-seekers to store and share verifiable certificates to their possible future employers, who can verify them online in seconds.

Assist us in maintaining our social media platforms, slack, webpage, communication, and articles on our blog. Creating marketing material and strategies for campaigns, directed for youth in Kampala, Uganda. 

Graphic Designers and Creatives: Join the design team in making graphics, designs, illustrations, content for marketing, presentations and various visuals for all communications outwards. We need you, who has a great visual eye, and know how to speak to target groups.

UX Designers; To assist our design team in creating journey maps, sketches, design mock-ups for prototypes, wireframes, and graphics for our platform and application. We need you, who are interested in uncovering unmet user needs and develop ideas for new, enhanced and innovative features! 

Sales: To assist us in building our pipelines, drive growth, presenting and selling the platform and application to new partners and clients.

How you will work:
We are currently located in Oslo, as well as Kampala, Uganda - where we are implementing and developing our product. When it comes to marketing interns, it would be preferable that you are in Kampala, Uganda - as to be able to understand and speak to our target group here and cover events and work being done on the spot. When it comes to the designer positions, the location can be anywhere, as we have a very remote culture in Diwala. Most of our meeting happen digitally, and currently have people working in Norway, Russia, Uganda, Sri Lanka and San Francisco. We welcome applicants from all over the world. 

Attributes we are looking for in an employee

  • Efficient and Self-Driven
  • Sociable, Curious and Energetic
  • Great Visual eye
  • Research Ethics and Critical Thinking
  • Passionate about design, tech and marketing trends and have a drive for innovation.
  • Understanding of comprehensive product and platform offerings

We are looking for talents with ambitions and passion for what they are doing! Those who show a real value to the Diwala team during internships, will be considered for hiring later.

Please Add your resume, Portfolio of relevant projects and 3 most recent references.

Looking forward to hearing from you!