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Business Growth Manager
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Earliest, the beginning of June
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Who are we?

Diwala is a Norwegian-based company focused on building opportunities for youth, addressing the global issue of invalid credentials. 

What we aim for

Today, displaced individuals and people in emerging markets are challenged by high costs and slow manual processes to verify the authenticity of their skills, identity and credentials. As a result, these individuals have to deal with tedious and out-dated credentialing processes, and are in some cases forced to repeat years of education. This leads to both loss of productivity and inflated unemployment.

To tackle this challenge, Diwala has created a platform that enables educators to issue skill-based identities, backed by blockchain technology. A skill-ID is a digitally verified record of a person’s educational and work history. Diwala is building an ecosystem of trust, by enabling educational institutions and organizations to safely and digitally issue and verify credentials. This will, in turn, save all parties time, money and build a bridge for global work opportunities for untapped talent.

Complementing the platform, Diwala has built an app that allows students to easily receive, store and share credentials of both soft and hard skills. By utilizing a decentralized identity management tool, Diwala’s application will also give people ownership of their data information.

Diwala is currently executing pilots regularly, to optimize the features and security of the platform in both Kenya and Uganda. Working with their implementation partner Clarke University in Kampala, Diwala issued the first set of skill-identities to both students and administrators in December 2018.

These where the first ever digitally verified certificates backed by decentralized identity and blockchain in Africa.

Who do we look for?

Experience we think you have

  • If you are a fit for this role you probably have sales experience
  • Strong experience on landing deals and nego
  • Working with B2B
  • Have started a company before, or worked in a startup
  • Experience with data analytics tools and tracking
  • Creating marketing stunts or events 

Your main focus will be

  • Business relations in Uganda: Focus on scaling the company locally and staying on top of the sales and partnership pipeline. We need a strong network that feeds in to a business pipeline.
  • Company growth: From strategy together with the team to executing clear plans and actions to take on the market.
  • Data analysis: Make sure we are on track, growing in user numbers and clients

We need someone who

  • Can be an ambassador: We need someone who is comfortable being a central face of Diwala, in terms of meetings, presentations formal- and informal settings.
  • Have a business and marketing mind: With a good understanding of the East- and West African market.
  • Is organized: Leading business sensitive initiatives, we need someone who can keep on top of things and create manageable systems for collaboration.
  • Is competitive: As a startup in it for the big run, we need someone who wants Diwala to do well as much as we do.
  • Has a strong sense of ethics: We will trust you to make decisions on behalf of the company, so a strong integrity is key for any trusted employee.
  • Tell us what you need: We are a remote team, and communication is key. We need you to speak your mind and tell us what you need from us.
  • Has a good economic understanding
  • Is a problem solver
  • Write professionally
  • Speaks English


  • Our team currently spans, UTC+2, UTC+3, UTC+5:30, UTC-5 The company as a whole works from 4+ cities across 4 countries.
  • We need you to spend time on the ground in Kampala, and willing to travel. We are not Uganda exclusive, so we require willingness to travel in the region when needed.
  • We are an early stage startup, that run with a clear focus. We want to achieve our goals while we strive for a work life balance. Norwegian law say it is expected to work a normal 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. We feel that is a nice balance, but we want to be clear that there will be times that require heavier dedication.
  • As stated above, work life balance is super important. We have goals we want to achieve and therefore we have decided that there is a flexible vacation policy. You will get 5 weeks paid out each year, and it is up to you to plan and adjust to the amount of time of vacation days needed for a good work life balance.